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HohmTech School 4A 4-Bay Charger

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    Hohm Tech SCHOOL 4A Charger, featuring a 3-tier amp BLD (battery length detection) System and a variable input voltage IPR (Input Power Regulator). There is no need for a screen on this charger. It is 100% autonomous. It is equipped with our BLD System, which automates the step-up/down output so both small and larger cells charge at the proper rate (0.5A, 1A, 2A per channel with 4A total distribution). Even li-ion batteries with a PCB/PCM are easily balanced to the correct voltage. This ensures today’s small li-ion batteries' chemistry integrity is not compromised, allowing them to get the cycle life they deserve.



    • BLD System: Battery Length Detection automates charge amplification & reduction on li-ion cells.
    • Low Voltage Activation: Allows overly discharged li-ion batteries down to 1.95V to be charged via a 200mA stimulate charge.
    • Input-Power Autonomous Regulator integration (no more stressing USB power adapters or ports)
    • Compatible with ALL li-ion cells from as short as 30mm to as long as 73mm
    • LED indicator that reports [green/red] colour and blink variation for quick/easy readout
    • PCB/PCM compatible so even protected cells aren’t left out in the cold
    • Protection: over charge; short-circuit; wrong battery type detection; reverse polarity
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    HohmTech School 4A 4-Bay Charger