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Level X Battery 1000mAh

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    Level X Device Kit Key Features:
    • TRI-color battery indicator: (- green: 70% - 100% - blue: 30% - 70% - red: ‹30%)
    • Long lasting and powerful battery
    • Type-C cable included
    Level X Device Kit Specifications:
    • Power: 13W
    • Battery: Rechargeable 600/850/1000 mAh
    • Type-C USB Input allows for quick charge
    • Size: 45 x 24 x 35.75 mm
    Package Contents
    • 1x Level X Device Kit
    • Metallic Black: Sleek and sophisticated, the Metallic Black battery exudes a sense of modern elegance.


      Nexus Silver: A futuristic choice, the Nexus Silver battery showcases a metallic brilliance that complements a high-tech vaping experience with a touch of refinement.


      Prestige Gold: Radiating luxury and opulence, the Prestige Gold battery brings a touch of glamour to your vaping routine


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    Level X Battery 1000mAh
    Level X Battery 1000mAh
    Level X Battery 1000mAh
    Level X Battery 1000mAh